What my friends think of me

While thinking of a blog post to work on today, I got a Facebook notification about a friend giving me a superlative. This is where a set of description is matched to friends whom you think is most like it.

Here's what I got so far:
  • Most likely to live for chocolate.
    Well not really. I rarely eat chocolate. On those very rare occasion that I want to try, I will likely go for a Flat Tops or a Kit Kat.

  • Most likely to have the best personality.
    I'm still working on it. Really...

  • Most likely to treat grocery shopping like an adventure.
    I like super groceries and feel comfortable shopping in it. I usually find good deals in buying shoes and basic stuff inside the grocery. The adventure happens also before or after it where I get to visit the bookstore, try out a new snack or meal or drink.

  • Most likely to Google everything.
    Well, yes.. as in YES!

  • Most likely to love good food.
    I love good food but not necessarily expensive. My only setback is that I'm allergic to shrimps.

  • Most likely to Get Rich or Die Trying
    This will depend on your definition of "rich". I'm not the saver in our family as I usually tend to re-invest what ever I earn such as to sponsor an activity, publish something, upgrade gadgets, among others. These re-investments are mostly value-maker, rather than money maker.

  • Most likely to have every Facebook application
    I tried experimenting but I'm quite happy so far with the few applications I added there.


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