Managing Roles and Setting Goals for 2008

A big topic every January is the setting of goals by people of various profession and stature in life. Goal setting can be done in different ways. In my case, I follow what I've learned from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People where he cited the need for us to identify the multiple hats and roles we have in our lives.

As I identify my roles, I recognize the need to set a goal for each of them and how will I be able to get it done. This includes:
  • Myself (goals)
    • Physical - pass medical exam and get into a new sport this year.
    • Social/Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Mental
  • Roles (goals)
    • Wife
    • Mother
    • Daughter
    • Sister
    • Friend
    • Website owner
    • Writer
    • Trainer (to my students)
    • Consultant
    • Researcher
    • Blogger
    • Employer (to staff and household helpers)
    • Community organizer (to each member of the Club)
    • Mailing lists community owner
    • Blog advertiser (to clients and each member of the ad network)
    • Editor (to each freelance writer in the network)
    • Shareholder (to my business partners)
    • Ambassador (to Philippine Schools Cyberfair)
    • Client (to my suppliers)
Having this clearly thought out helps a lot in drafting my agenda throughout the year. Most of it requires reaching out to people and set goals with them. For me, this takes the whole month of January to sort it out.


Anonymous said…
Read this list too late for the New Year, but this serves me really well. Hope to read more from you.


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