Important Issues on Philippines 2010 Election

I'd like to start a discussion on what do you think are the important issues should voters consider as priority when analyzing politician's or political party agenda come 2010 Philippine Elections. Those who participate will be invited to be part of the Philippines 2010 Election Bloggers social network and join the Bloggers Election Handbook development.

Personally, I am likely to look at the list below. However, the existence or mention of a program is not enough. There must be a clear program on how they are going to do it, where will the funds be taken, and its return or benefit.
  • Environmental agenda particularly:
    • Implementation of Clean Air act
      • Our country's pollution, greenhouse issues, and other ecological concerns feels like getting worst everyday. I'd like to see a clear action program in relation to that, rather than deferred implementation.
    • Alternative sources of energy
    • Solid and toxic waste management
  • Education
    • It has become an expensive budget item. What program shall be undertaken to ensure its quality while making it within our means?
  • Government Debt Reduction
    • We always hear that a big chunk of our national budget is spent on payment of debts. How do they plan to reduce it without accumulating more debt?
I'd like to believe that the discussion of important issues is important to start at an early time while there are no clear political players. This way, voters can exchange insights on important concerns and increase one's awareness on other issues too.

All inputs and blog posts on the various issues are collated in this Philippines 2010 Election Issues and Concerns spreadsheet. Hopefully, come election season, the list of concerns in the said spreadsheet can be used as a guide or checklist when finding out the agendas of political candidates. Depending on your point of view and beliefs, be able to assess who among the candidates shall likely deserve your vote.

Many thanks to those who shared their insight so far:
To keep the ball rolling, I invite you to share your point of view on this topic. I know that most of us haven't done any post related to politics. But I hope this will give you a good start.

Just post a comment with a url to your post and will link to it. Those who participate will be invited to be part of the Philippines 2010 Election Bloggers social network and join the Bloggers Election Handbook development.

I look forward in learning and gain more insight. Let's renew our interest in the country's electoral process once again. Here is also an interview with Arbet Bernardo who shared his insight on political blogging and why we should be involved.


waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! katakot :D hehehe
Anonymous said…
Tried to write/blog, but ended up feeling awkward. Di sanay... :-)
Juned said…
This requires a two pipe solution. Before the end of the week :)
cvj said…
Hi Janette, what are the mechanics? Will i just post in the comments section of this entry?
vic said…
let me try to make suggestions regarding the environment:

Conservation.. educational campaign on ways and means to effective conservation..(check my latest post about how we over- conserve on water that we are having problems on shortage of revenue on water usage).

On Pollution: encourage use of more fuel efficient vehicles by extending incentives for clean burning cars. And phase out the use of polluting vehicles that not just poison the environment but add to the health expenditure by also causing lot of unnecessary illness...just of couple of issues..
Janette Toral said…
@cvj - you can post an entry in your blog and will link to it. Thanks!

@vic - thank you for the insight. It will be great if you can write a blog entry as well.

@jehzeel - kaya mo yan!

@manuelv - you'll get used to it. =)

@juned - look forward to your post.
Anonymous said…
go go go Janette.. hehehe makibaka mode na ba tayong mga pinoy as early as now?

good move on this.. at least our politicians will be forced to be IT savvy or else.. chaka ang mga votes nila on 2010.

I guess.. some are just all too serious when it comes to politics ..ksi siguro yung iba.. mukhang guilty...hehehe

This is a good move to make everybody contribute a thought or more as to how they want our country to end up... at hindi lang puro tayo puna ng puna.

We have to be as responsible as all our politicians are in taking care of our country.. ika nga.. it takes 2 to tango

Praying for the success of this endeavor!
Pinoy Bloggers, give it a try! Blog about the 2010 elections and I'm sure, lots of people would be very interested and willing to share there thoughts.

After all, it's for OUR country. Whether we like or hate POLITICS, it's there and we are in that system. We SUPPORT, we CAMPAIGN, we VOTE and we PROTEST.

The thing that I would be very happy is that a blogger would create a blog about the candidate he supports just like what I did. I'm really thrilled with that!

Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog
Anonymous said…
hello janette. will this do?
Anonymous said…
I already made an initial post for this. It's just one of many.

Important Issues for the 2010 Philippine Elections
cvj said…
Thanks for the advise. I've posted my contribution here:
Bren said…
Among the top issues for 2010:
* Public Safety / law-and-order
* Economy, in particular the creation of private-sector jobs;
* Tax Policy, in particular that income (above P1-million a year) earned overseas should be taxed;
* Public Health, Sex Education
* Rights for Women, in particular, implementation of divorce
Janette Toral said…
@yolynne - thank you for the kind words. As I've been getting asked about it, it also pressured me to get this done much sooner. I think if all Filipino bloggers will make a post about their election thoughts this 2008 and 2009, that shall send a strong message on our concern for the country.

@kevin ray - i think you have an interesting challenge at this point to interview the Senator and get his stand on the issues cited by the bloggers who contributed so far. I hope you'll be able to blog about it.

@riajose and @cvj - thank you for your post and look forward in reading more insights.

@bren - thanks for the input and hope you can blog your thoughts as well.
Bong C. Austero said…
hi janette,
i fully support this initiative and wrote about it in my column. i will try to post a specific response to your call in my blog over the weekend. good luck!

bong austero
Anonymous said…
Hi Jannete, its such a great thing to see filipino bloggers voicing out issues to create a change in the upcoming 2010 elections.

My team's currently developing a website (, a automatic news aggregator which could aid you filipino bloggers in reaching more people and to market your own blog as well. There you'll be able to debate on certain political issues that is important to all of us, so that we'll make the right decision with our votes in 2010.

Beta version is coming out next week and everyone's invited.

Thanks again to everyone and especially to Janette, who's been really a great example and a figure to all of us filipino bloggers.
Anonymous said…
naku, mahirap toh! the least i'd like to blog about is politics and religion. :D

btw, it's Cecile, not Celine... just crossed my mind just now...maybe that's the reason someone dubs me vitamin c...
Kel Fabie said…
PchesV said…
Hi janette!

I enrolled in your online blog workshop and started my own blog =) Many kisses to you...

Anyway, I wrote something about the 2010 elections in my blog:
Lester said…
This is a great idea. Let's all join in on this blog brainstorm about 2010 issues. I'll write a post in my blog tonight. I hope that we can come up with a collection of ideas from bloggers, and then we can forward it to the candidates (as a bloggers' manifesto?).
Janette Toral said…
@bong - thank you so much for the kind mention. Look forward to your post.

@c5 - i just corrected it. Sorry!

@marcelle and pches - thank you!

@lester - look forward to your entry. I plan to make a summary. I think that will result to a voter's guide in analyzing candidate's platform.
Anonymous said…
hello. thanks for the tag. :)

i will be posting mine soon. I'm still preparing it. :)
Anonymous said…
I'll do this as soon as I can. Thanks for tagging me. I really want to post something about this. But I just have to have some more time to think about what I'll post. Mahirap na. Hehehehe. I don't claim to be an expert on politics. Actually, I'm not. I don't usually blog about politics. But perhaps, everybody who lives in this country do have some thoughts to share about this. Again, thanks!
lateralus said…
posted my article here.

thanks for the tag, Janette.
My post -
Juned said…
Anonymous said…
Hi. Here's my blog entry:

"The Itch: 2010 in the Making"

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tag Janette.

Yep, marami tayong gustong ipagawa sa next president natin at isang paraan para malaman ng mga presidentiables ang naisin ng nakararami ay ang pagsasdabi o pag-voice out ng mga gusto natin para sa kanila at sa bayan.

I support you in these endeavor. Next week maybe I'll post something about 2010 Elections at yung mga concerns and issues na dapat nilang bigyan ng focus.

This is good because we practice the principle of democracy. Mag-post tayo ng mga ideya, mag-debate tayo about those ideas na lumabas at hopefully I may mabubuo tayong collective lists of concerns na pwede nating ibigay for the Presidentiables. Parang Pinoy Blogger's Manifest na sinasabi ni Mr. Lester Cavestany.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ma'am Janette...

I hope my insights on divorce would help
Anonymous said…
I have been receiving comments on my previous post: Scribbling on Divorce, in friendster, in my multiply blog (a replicate of this blog) and in my personal e-mails.

While some agreed, others objected.

However, I want to keep this as open, objective and two-sided as possible. I don't take it personally against them, though some seemingly sound to attack me personally. However I want to let the people know that I respect their opinion, and need a fair share of space.

Read on...
Anonymous said…
i agree. put the environment first in the national agenda. as they say, if we do the environment harm, eventually there would be no us -- and there would be nothing at all to defend.

other concerns, education and values.
Anonymous said…
[...] Other systemic problems include public education, economic development, good governance, population control, environmental sustainability, peace and order, and many others. Other bloggers have also written their issues in Janette Toral’s Important Issues on Philippines 2010. [...]
Jego said…
Flow Galindez said…
Thanks Ms Janet for adding my Polictic Tack Thinking
Flow Galindez said…
Ms. Janet in all my blog about PH 2010, I'll be using Politic-tack-thinking on Philippines 2010: as intro sa subject ko po like my new post now Politic-tack-thinking on Philippines 2010: Tales of a hungry stomach (
Anonymous said…
The only way to help the environment is to build nuclear power plants. Being involved in the wind energy has driven me to this conclusion. I can tell you that vast research has been done on the viability of greenhouse gas reduction through the installation of new wind generators. The place that have enough wind to create megawatts already have wind generators there. Coal makes up over sixty percent on the nations energy with gas and nuclear plants coming in second. On a pie chart wind and solar are make such a small line that it is all but irrelevant. Since clean air acts cant stifle the coal industry less we have black outs all that is accomplished by your well meaning clean air fines is passing higher electrical cost on to the costumer.
Cheenee Otarra said…
Hi! Would you know about Grace Padaca? You can google her and see that she might have done in her province what you have listed as important agenda (environment, educ, govt debt). :) Just a piece of thought!
aajao said…
i've written something about the 2010 election a year ago:

how things change in a year. i hope more things change as the 2010 elections get near. we primarily need platforms, personality perhaps come in second.

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