Friday, November 30, 2007

Change starts from each one of us

Our past actions really has a funny way of catching up with us, positively or negatively. The recent developments happening in our community in the past three months from online chaos, bombings, and call for revolt gives a strong reminder that if we want change, then it must come from each one of us. This includes:
  • If you don't pay taxes, it makes the government borrow more money to support its projects and run the country. When we don't pay our taxes, we contribute to the reasons why government schools can't have better salary for teachers and improve school facilities, and all other pressing problems.
  • Whenever we bribe a police officer or government worker, corruption will not stop. The same can be said when we don't follow laws.
  • If we don't vote during elections or only vote for the popular ones without properly scrutinizing their programs, then all the political chaos happening in our country is our own doing.
  • Whenever we disengage ourselves, shrug the the scandals and abuse of authority by those in power, to focus on our urgent need to earn a living, put food on our family's table, send our kids to school, study to get opportunities later on, among others, and worst, agree whenever they say that we have far more important things to do, then maybe, we really deserve the kind of leadership we have today.
If we want change, it has to start from each one of us.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Reflecting on ethos, pathos, logos

An old blog post that manages to get visitors to date is my sharing on ethos, pathos, and logos.

Reading through it makes me realize that the lesson gained from it hampers me to speak on a lot of things and issues encountered today.

Ethos - am I credible enough?
Before speaking or writing on any topic, I subconsciously assess whether I have sufficient information or personal knowledge to write or comment about a matter. When I don't have that and proceed, I believe readers can see through it.

Pathos - have I emphatically listened or know the other person or people concerns and understood?
It is not enough that we are good in what we do or be credible, we also have to show that we care or put value on what other people think. Before giving our side or point of view, we need to make sure we've listened or understood their concerns - to the point they can say we got them clearly. This is not just repeating what they have said but even give scenarios where their point of view is demonstrated. Yes, this takes a lot of time.

This is the reason I haven't spoken on some issues raised in the past as I haven't gone through the process of understanding them clearly. Neither do I want to lift myself up or make myself look superior through putting other people down.

Logos - presenting logical alternatives, opinions, or answers
I've been in situations where the most intelligent person in the room is not likely to conquer the day. Showing how good you are or what you know is not enough. If ethos is present, and pathos is achieved with the person we are interacting with, presenting well thought of logos may have a high chance of success. Otherwise, it will just rub in as arrogance or insult.

I think this is also the reason why a lot of public speakers start their presentation from introducing their background, showing or getting questions and understanding of audience concerns, then presenting their solution or alternatives - though not claiming to be the best. If you were able to conquer the heart and minds of the people you are dealing with in the ethos and pathos phase, openness to logos presented can be likely expected.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How did your 2007 go?

I consider 2007 to be a great year in many ways. Some of the blessings that came my way includes:
This year is also when I became more at home to blogging. Although I had my LiveJournal and this blog as early as 2001, I was more focused in then. I guess giving a bit more time to blog gradually paid off as this blog and the Philippine Internet Review entered Ratified Philippines top 100.

I encourage you to share your 2007 summary too in your blog and will link to it. Here are some who have done it so far:
Many thanks to all fellow bloggers who visit and sometimes take time to comment in this blog. May we all have a great 2008 ahead!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Number 1 Filipino Blogger from Leyte

When reviewing Ratified's list of top blogs, it caught my attention lately that Sustines Laplana's (Sel) blog is currently ranked number 2. However, if you'll factor the aspect of residence in the Philippines, Sel is actually based in Maasin City, Southern Leyte. (A place I visited once to do a lecture on e-commerce a long time ago.)

I think this is one development that makes blogging very special in 2007. It proves that you don't have to be based in Manila (sometimes referred to as the "imperial" one) to succeed and gain following. Although I'm not sure if I met Sel before, what I could note about him includes:
  • He is very active in joining online writing or blogging activities. He joined two writing projects that I've organized and that is when I get to visit his site regularly.
  • He interacts with other bloggers, not only locally but internationally.
  • He has more or less a dozen blogs and participates in revenue generating programs actively.
  • He also believes in link love and does a lot of free banner exchange to reviews continuously with his readers.
With more than 3800 feed subscribers, you can say that this humble and very simple blogger from Southern Leyte has gone a long way and should inspire us in improving our craft in order to succeed. More so, this is regardless where you are based in the country. Cheers Sel!