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A Blogger’s Christmas Wish

I could say that 2007 is my best year in the field of blogging. Although I started tinkering with blogs in 2001, most time was spent working on my e-commerce book site. To summarize the blessings in blogging alone, here is what I am happy about:
  • Got bloggers to join our blog ad network (of which I'm still accepting members today).
    • Started a collaboration with Ratified last August in marketing the Philippines and Australia site. As the adjustment and learning phase is almost over, things will start moving in the weeks to come.

  • Got part time writers and bloggers for the corporate blogging projects I got recently. Great to see Philippine companies exploring blogs and some have tapped me for it.

  • Sponsor several blogging initiatives and contests. Many thanks to our e-commerce club members who also sponsored our activities in 2007.

  • The above developments, the writing projects, and controversies has also put me on the map. I know that things will never be the same again.
This blog is where I document a lot of personal things - think of, read, and learned. Many thanks to all of you who took time to check it out.

For favorite posts, there's too many to mention. However, feel free to cite which one do you like the most, if any.

In addition, topic suggestions and questions that you'd like to be answered in future blog post are more than welcome. Merry Christmas!


pusa said…
wishing you a merry christmas from the bottom of meow heart.
ian said…
Merry Christmas, Ms Janette! =]
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas Janette! :)

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