Most popular blog posts and top problogger

Basapa's post on the most popular Filipino blog posts of 2007 and 2007 top Pinoy probloggers attracted my attention.

I am happy to see that the posts: top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2007, join the Filipina writing project, and winners of the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2007 made it to that list.

These blogging projects came to life out of my desire to discover new bloggers and support efforts to boost the online identity of the Filipina. These activities also opened opportunities for blogging consulting projects and continuous flow of advertisers in our blog advertising network.

Browsing through Basapa's list clearly shows that 2007 is a year of contests and events that attracted bloggers attention. For those who have been blogging for quite sometime, you will see the connection between those posts as they have an effect on each other. It is also a reflection that despite the challenges and antagonisms, a lot manage to be proactive, respectful, humble, forgiving, and vigilant.

On the 2007 top Pinoy probloggers, I am happy to be in it but at the same time unsure if I should be there. I guess if it is a listing of blogs, ranking according to their blog juice, then perhaps I am. But if it is assumed that we pro-blog on the blogs listed and where we get our income, then that does not necessarily apply to me. Nevertheless, great to see that new bloggers who got cited in the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2007 like Carl Ocab, Paolo Mendoza, and Juan Karlo Licudine made it to that list.


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