Aileen Apolo: a great 2007 and busier 2008

Saying that 2007 was a hectic year for Aileen Apolo can be an underestimate. In the video enclosed in this post, she shared her humble view on how 2007 went but she is determined to outperform herself in 2008 and give more back to the community. Her being active also made me cite her several times through the year that includes:
How did your 2007 go?

Thanks to Filipino videographer Buddy Gancenia for taking this video shot.


Andrew said…
Aileen's gone a long way and accomplished a lot. I'm proud of her. Oh, and she dreads that video. ^_^
@andrew - thanks ha, ehehehehe, dreadful video indeed... arggghhh I look so kilig! LOL.

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