Number 1 Filipino Blogger from Leyte

When reviewing Ratified's list of top blogs, it caught my attention lately that Sustines Laplana's (Sel) blog is currently ranked number 2. However, if you'll factor the aspect of residence in the Philippines, Sel is actually based in Maasin City, Southern Leyte. (A place I visited once to do a lecture on e-commerce a long time ago.)

I think this is one development that makes blogging very special in 2007. It proves that you don't have to be based in Manila (sometimes referred to as the "imperial" one) to succeed and gain following. Although I'm not sure if I met Sel before, what I could note about him includes:
  • He is very active in joining online writing or blogging activities. He joined two writing projects that I've organized and that is when I get to visit his site regularly.
  • He interacts with other bloggers, not only locally but internationally.
  • He has more or less a dozen blogs and participates in revenue generating programs actively.
  • He also believes in link love and does a lot of free banner exchange to reviews continuously with his readers.
With more than 3800 feed subscribers, you can say that this humble and very simple blogger from Southern Leyte has gone a long way and should inspire us in improving our craft in order to succeed. More so, this is regardless where you are based in the country. Cheers Sel!

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