How did your 2007 go?

I consider 2007 to be a great year in many ways. Some of the blessings that came my way includes:
This year is also when I became more at home to blogging. Although I had my LiveJournal and this blog as early as 2001, I was more focused in then. I guess giving a bit more time to blog gradually paid off as this blog and the Philippine Internet Review entered Ratified Philippines top 100.

I encourage you to share your 2007 summary too in your blog and will link to it. Here are some who have done it so far:
Many thanks to all fellow bloggers who visit and sometimes take time to comment in this blog. May we all have a great 2008 ahead!


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM


    ya actually remember those events!

  2. Twas indeed a great year, Ms. Janette! =] sharing with you own list.

    God bless us all more in the year ahead!


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