Developing youth bloggers

Let me thank the Bloggers Kapihan team for giving me the opportunity to support their endeavor of introducing blogging to the youth. I believe their efforts of making blogging knowledge reachable to the teen segment is critical to the growth of the youth blogging community.

This forum has a lot of potential that includes:
  • Exposure to bloggers who are open and willing to share their knowledge to the young ones. Getting fresh speakers in every forum will be great as there's so much blogging talent out there.
  • The Bloggers Kapihan site can be a forum on a variety of issues. Of course, not to arrive at a common viewpoint but encourage variety of insights on the topic at hand.
  • Get the Bloggers Kapihan spread throughout the country by welcoming volunteers capable of organizing similar forums in their area.
Kudos again to the Bloggers Kapihan team!


THE ANiTOKiD said…
The future looks bright for the local blogosphere scene. And more importantly organizations and events will further advance the young creative minds out there in a positive light.

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