Creating a thinking club

Edward De Bono's Thinking Course book has a special chapter encouraging readers to create or join a thinking club. As I haven't heard of any such group yet, I've decided to create one and referred to it as the Beautiful Mind Thinking Club.

This informal thinking club is a place for the practice and enjoyment of thinking as a skill. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy thinking and for those who want to develop their skill at thinking.

Motivation and commitment is the primary criteria to become and maintain membership in this informal club.

The type of thinking in this club are:
  1. Concerned with wisdom rather than cleverness.
  2. Pursues concept of thinking that requires to get things done.
  3. Use thinking in an exploratory way, not to show how bright or right you are.
  4. Emphasis on perception.
  5. Neutral, objective, positive, has humor, and constructive. Arrogance is the major sin.
  6. Focused on how we are thinking about a subject.
Once you join, you shall be assigned to a group where there are six members in it. Twice a month, an online activity is organized that needs to be done in a one hour duration. Face-to-face get together is the most preferred mode in these twice-a-month activities. Those who are willing to take a lead in each group are more than welcome to step-up, lead a group of 6 within, and organize their twice-a-month meet-up.


Anonymous said…
wow. what has man become of that we have to have a club just to encourage people to think more? although a club would help give a person some direction, it still boils down to the person making the decision. i know, easier said than done. i guess sometimes, we do need a little push to come up with better decisions :)
Janette Toral said…
Hi Chelsea. I think the reason why Edward De Bono encouraged it is that reading the book and learning from it is one thing but practicing it with peers can help in the learning experience further.
Anonymous said…
I wish I could join this club. But I'm working overseas.

Good luck to all those who have joined your club!

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