Changing blog advertising revenue models

Early January this year, I launched an experimental ad network where I invited club members and friends for the trial. It was a good idea at that time and still is today. As credibility is something that must be instilled and protected, advertisers in the network were limited to club members as well. Time shall tell whether we eventually became the first blog advertising placement network in the Philippines.

The recent shake-up in the Google PageRank system encourages people like me to look into other parameters that can take its place but still do-able, proactive, and of high-value.

An option that came to mind is for blog members to demonstrate that they have taken an active effort to promote their blogs that can be done in a variety of ways (e.g. Filipina search engine campaign). This means removal of the Google PageRank criteria and replace it with efforts for blog promotion. Still experimenting with this idea and will observe how blog network members shall adapt.


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