Change and Hate

I think the advantage of being on vacation, as depicted on my mini-me image (you can create yours too, thanks Shai!) is that it allows you to really think through ideas and even experiment.

Paolo Mendoza tagged me in this hate meme. I think stating it would cause problems. But, I'd like to sum it up by saying - I usually find ways to change the things or situations that I hate. Some call that as being pro-active.

That is why when some thought that The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project was controversial, I guess it indeed was as its aftermath led to some form of "the market correcting itself".

Last June 3, I got my first blog recognition from Ross. This is the Thinking Blogger Award started by Ilker Yoldas. I'm required to pass this on to five people that make me think. I admit that finding those that hasn't received this recognition can be quite hard. For this one, I'm giving it to Jon, JM, Alex, Apples, and Max. Cheers also to Gibbs, Paolo, Sasha, and Benj who got this already. These people, I must say, are not afraid to question popular thinking and I hope they inspire more bloggers. Should you like to pass this along, visit Ilker's blog for the mechanics.

Last July 11, Aileen gave me a Rockin Girl Blogger tag. Roberta, who started this, asked that this get passed on to 5 others. In addition to the ones Aileen cited, I think the following deserve this too. I wish they get to blog actively soon. They are Reggie Bundang, Peachy Herrin, Gwen Nava, Joan Pinon, and Abby Lim.


Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks Janette :)
Anonymous said…
Change and hate, now that's something I really need to work on. :)

Take care. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Janette! I will respond to your meme when I get my DSL installed. Right now I am just squatting. Ciao!

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