Will Twitter replace Yahoo Groups?

When I started using Twitter last April, it was a tool that I never took seriously. Upon reaching 100 followers today, I've realized the following:
  • Twitter serves as a virtual chat room where you can post messages that can be viewed by everyone or addressed to friends that can be seen by mutual contacts.
  • Use Twitter to disseminate job openings, new blog posts, and interesting articles. This has affected my Yahoo Groups usage drastically and am now considering inviting my subscribers to use it. The only dilemma is that I won't be able to view their messages to me unless I follow or track them too. That is not an easy task if all of them will join.
  • Used Twitter as a means to remind people on developments regarding the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and the Filipina Writing Project.
  • Whenever I encounter online disappointments, I have a need to rant a little. Posting two messages in Twitter was enough to let it out.
  • However, when these disappointments became big issues later on, Twitter became a means to clarify concerns and information asked by contacts.
  • When there's tension between two Twitter users, breaking the follow connection is always a great relief and avoid any possible misinterpretation of messages.
  • The more I used it, I felt an indirect closer connection as I get to know the people I follow better. I guess the same can be said vice versa. Aileen Apolo's unplanned YM conference birthday celebration last night would not be possible (for me to join) if not for Twitter.
  • Unexpectedly, Twitter can also allow contacts to get to know people's perspective on issues.
Although there are now other services popping in the market that is similar to Twitter, I find it hard to use another one as updating it won't be easy. So is Twitter the new Yahoo Groups? If you are using it to disseminate updates, like I do, probably it will be.

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