Week 9: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

Here's the ninth week summary of entries and their choices in The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007. If you haven't submitted an entry yet, head on to our writing project page on how to join.

This effort will not be possible without the support of our sponsors. One of them is www.YESpinoy.com. The company facilitates instant remittances over the Internet using a credit card and Cash remittances through trusted agents. In Hong Kong, YESpinoy accepts cash remittances at any 711 store 24 hours a day. Recipients are issued with a free SMART Money card which is used to withdraw the money at any Philippine ATM.

Week 9 only
For the ninth week, we received a total of 15 entries from Musing Musings, ihateboyabunda, Diary of a Gay Guy, Annamanila, Lei Den Jun, Bjarne, Miguel Apolo, Sofia for BiSEAN, Jigoku Tenshi, Fmontserrat, Ian, OFW Life Lestat_m, E Akino, Ba, and Edong.

Note that we have the right to disqualify entries and the citations they made, if we are not able to confirm or authenticate the blogger's identity on or before July 29. This is especially true to blogs with anonymous identities and those with pre-dated entries (versus its blog date creation).

A total of 33 new blogs were cited from the 15 entries (including the additions made by some of the earlier entries). Here's the overall list of the blogs mentioned this week:
  1. Misterhubs
  2. An Apple a Day
    Gibbs Cadiz
    Pedestrian Observer
    The Anitokid Chronikos
    The D Spot
    The Philosophical Bastard
The following blogs got one mention each:
Combined with week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, we now have a total of 142 writing project participants citing 442 blogs. This is the overall ranking of the blogs mentioned in these entries, as of today:
  1. An Apple a Day (25 mention)
  2. Culture Shiok! (18 mention)
  3. Make Money Online with a 13-Year Old (17 mention each)
    The D Spot
  4. Kubiertos (16 mention each)
    The Philosophical Bastard
  5. Misterhubs (15 mention)
  6. CokskiBlue (12 mention each)
    It's not only fruity, it's oaty!
  7. Make Money Online with Dosh Dosh (11 mention each)
    The Anitokid Chronikos
  8. BISEAN (10 mention each)
    Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic

  9. Gibbs Cadiz (9 mention each)
  10. Dabawenya Jud! (8 mention each)
    I Heart Manila
    Quotes in Can
    Studies in Technopreneurship
    The Dork Factor
If you haven't submitted an entry yet, head on to our writing project page to join. Two (2) weekly updates to go!

August 1 eyeball - I invite those who submitted an entry to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs to come and attend. We will be drawing the 10 winners on this day who will get US$100 each. Of course, those who can't make it are still part of the draw and can win.

If your blog was cited and would like to attend this eyeball, then please write an entry as well citing your Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs.


THE ANiTOKiD said…
Much thanks for all those who took time out to vote for the AnitoKid. And more thanks to Ms. Janette for all her efforts in making this project a success. I don't know where this blogging art will take me. What I know now is this: I love blogging and sharing my ideas, and developing friendships in the process.

And it goes without saying, Filipino bloggers rock! Mabuhay!
THE ANiTOKiD said…
And oh! I forgot to ask one thing, Ms. Janette. Where do you plan to hold the get-together?
Janette Toral said…
@the anitokid - i'm just waiting for the sponsor to finalize the venue. most likely in Makati (dinner time).
THE ANiTOKiD said…
Much thanks for the speedy reply, Ms. Janette. Though I'd love to bring My Closeness with me, her busy schedule in school may not allow her to be with me that day. But, please do count me in, kabayan. I will clear my sched to meet some of our cool Filipino bloggers. And i'll do a post on the event, too.

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