Making a Child's Dream Come True

When I was younger, I remember having a fun time drawing, trying to copy various Sanrio characters and color them afterwards. But come high school, attention got shifted to other stuff and forgot about it.

So when my daughter started drawing Japanese anime in 1997, ignited after watching Final Fantasy 7, I usually shrug it aside and let her buy tools from time to time. However, when Gallery 7 Digital Studio became a club member, I saw an opportunity for my daughter to perhaps showcase her work someday.

Like an artist, she started drawing something with an idea to begin with. The drawing shown above was inspired from Onne Anna of Jigoku Shoujo Futakamori. The one on the right was inspired from Kouyo Shurei, creator of Alichino. Both were drawn using a calligraphy nib b-06. Amusingly, she also knows how to create drawings from scratch using MS-Paint as shown here.I am now considering to publish her how to draw tutorial series and support participation in competitions.

She is not afraid to show her work at DeviantArt, GamingW, and SVLoyalty to encourage suggestions and pinpointing the mistakes she made. Whenever possible, she lends a helping hand as well to forum peers. She is also experimenting in visual novel role-playing game (RPG) development.

I truly believe that we can learn a lot from our children and siblings. We should give them enough room to experiment with their ideas, with an open mind, and support them. These experiments led to the creation of blogs like Rockista Craze and Fortune Reader. I haven't collaborated with all of them yet.


Archeia_Nessiah said…
Awww...I'm touched *hugs and cuddles her mother* Never thought that this would happen though O.O;

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