Facts in your Blogger user profile

Whenever I teach blogging to newbies, I noticed that the profile page of the user often gets neglected. Nevertheless, whether you improve it or not, here's what your Blogger profile tells about you.
  • Date of user profile creation - yes, you can pre- or post- date your blog entries but your user profile will actually indicate when did you start blogging. I've seen blogs with entries that started months ago but their profile shows that they only started blogging this month.
  • Blog listing - your Blogger profile also lists down the blogs you own and those where you are a co-author of.
  • Photo and personal trivia - putting a photo and information about yourself establishes a personal connection with your reader. It will also indicate some seriousness in blogging and be known by your readers. Those who run blog contests uses the Blogger profile also in terms of validating a user identity to ensure that no one will misrepresent them and claim their prize. Those who uses an alias to keep a sense of anonymity are in a disadvantage when joining blog contests as they will need to disclose their info, should they win, to prove that they are who they say they are, within their Blogger profile.


Anonymous said…
I agree! Having the Blogger profile properly filled out (at least with name and photo) makes for a better blog-reading experience.
surjit singh said…
A useful post.Thanks.
Best wishes.

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