August 1 Eyeball: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2007 Winners Announcement

First, many thanks to those who submitted entries to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project. Let us meet up on August 1 and get to know each other!

This gathering won't be possible without the support of our sponsor YEHEY! - a highly specific, comprehensive, one-stop Web portal that caters to the information and communication needs of Filipinos online by providing the widest selection of Philippine based topics and interests. Starting with just three computers and cardboard boxes doubling as chairs, the company has evolved into a seasoned industry player that offers Filipino Internet users world class internet experience.

The August 1 gathering will be at Max Restaurant, Park Square 1, Makati City from 6 pm to 9 pm. Please confirm your attendance by posting a comment here. (Non-participants to this writing project who wishes to attend, can join upon sign up as a Club member.)

We will be drawing the 10 winners on this day who will get US$100 each. Of course, those who can't make it are still part of the draw and can win.

The following have confirmed their attendance for August 1:
  1. Jplamano
  2. Jake the Miserable
  3. Joan Pinon
  4. Alan Jr.
  5. Ba
  6. Alohapenny
  7. thegrapebunch
  8. Sexy Mom
  9. Noemi
  10. Archeia
  11. Rick Manzano
  12. Shari
  13. Jehzeel Laurente
  14. Richard Lionheart
  15. Heneroso
  16. Fire Eye'd Boy
  17. GM Tristan
  18. Elmo
  19. Carl Ocab
  20. Dennis Rito
  21. Jengkie
  22. Allen Gurrea
  23. Richard
  24. Jedianalyst
  25. I am SAM
  26. Lalon
  27. P0ytee
  28. Jhed
  29. NineMoons Family
  30. utakGAGO
  31. Ederic
  32. C5
  33. CokskiBlue
  34. Lateralus
  35. Novice Blogger
  36. Prudence
  37. Cliff
  38. Ang Lolo Niyo
  39. Agent Grey
  40. Baklang AJ
  41. Juned
  42. Aileen Apolo
  43. Karlo.PinoyBlogero
  44. TheANiTOKiD
  45. ApplesH
  46. ChrisH
  47. Arbet
will update this post as we receive confirmation.

Thank you!

P.S. This is a Club 29th Networking Event too and get to meet the club members who supported this writing project.


  1. hi Janette!! ChrisH and Apples-Pie will attend, as well...

  2. Hi Ms. Janette! Please count me in. Much thanks!

  3. I shall be attending the said event. Please include me on the list. Thank you!

  4. Count me in... Makati is my turf.

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    CLIFF of will attend

  6. Count me in! --- Tess a.k.a. Prudence

  7. Hello! I'd like to come as well.

    - Dundee

  8. Coy of CokskiBlue will be coming.

    Benj of Atheista will attend too.

  9. sama ako! (99%)...wag lang matalo ng 1%...I might die anytime, you know :D

  10. Hahabol din ako. :)

  11. Meeeeee! Hahaha. Good that it's Wednesday - coz my dismissal's three pm. So I still have time to take a bus from Los Banos all the way down to Makati.

    :D Once again, Me!! =)) Lol.

  12. I'll be there as well - count me in!

  13. Me! Me! Me! Count me in! :)

  14. Si Tanggera ay maaaring tumagay sa Aug 1. :)

  15. Can i still join you guys?

    Coz i'd love to. :)

  16. Count me in! Thanks

  17. may tanong lang po ako? bakit po August 2006 onwards lang ang qualified? la lang...

  18. @nice - the intent of the writing project is to focus the spotlight on new blogs.

  19. Yup, I figured 6,7, and 8 in my list were not eligible exactly after the moment I published them. I didn't know Tinig was published before August 2006 too. Thanks for the heads up.

    Can I come? =)

  20. @jedianalyst - yes you can. I just included you in the confirmed list.

  21. Are there vacant slots still available? I'll be going.

  22. I would like to attend the said gathering if its ok with you. hehe

  23. I'm always in ... although, I haven't done my homework yet. Come to think of it ... we haven't posted anything on the blog for over a week. Oh, no! T_T

  24. @joel - once I received your Top 10 entry, I will confirm your inclusion for the August 1 eyeball.

  25. please count me in. i just submitted my entry,

  26. Hi Ma'am Janette. How could I get to Park Square 1 when I will be coming from Intramuros Manila? Commute lang po me e. Thanks.

  27. Hi Ms. Janette. Please count me in. Thank you.

  28. Hi janette!

    Just made my entry,
    Check it out here:

    Hope I made it, Count me in!

  29. wee! sama meee!

    JP aka 'Elmo'

  30. Hi Janette, I'll be attending too. Thanks

  31. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Hey Ms J, how come my entry's not posted in the main page yet? :c

  32. Si Heneroso ata sasama? hahaha sama ako!

  33. Hehe...

    Sana kasama ako dito...


  34. me me me!! yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  35. Here's my contribution:

    See you there!

  36. I'll be coming as well. Thanks po Ma'am Janette. :)

  37. Hello!

    I was able to paste my top 9 list on the other post. I'd like to confirm my attendance on Aug. 1st :)


  38. Let's see each other at August O1 nyu~

  39. ate janette, pano kung medyo ma late? kasi baka late ako maka out sa office.. hehehe.. tapos mga 6:30 na maka rating, welcome parin? or di na papa pasukin? :(

    mag dadala po ba ng ID? para ma identify na ako talaga yung pumunta? or no need? sabihin ko lang na ako si Jehzeel, basta ako yun.. wahehehe...

    ^___^ first time ko kasi.. hehe

  40. @jehzeel laurente - yes welcome ka pa rin. see you!

  41. alohapenny6:24 PM

    oh is it too late to confirm?

  42. Haha! Kasama pala ako...


  43. Wala bang satelayt venyu?

  44. @filipinayzd - taga Bicol ka right? Nasa Ateneo de Naga ako this Saturday. I can meet up with you.

    @everyone - i added you folks in the list na.

  45. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Kinukumpirma ko po ang aking pagpunta mamaya. :)

  46. i will be there!!!

  47. I thought I can make it to the EB. Had to go to Nueva Ecija to visit some long lost relatives. Maybe next time. I'm sure everyone will have a great time. Too bad I can't be there.

  48. Talaga Janette??? Maraming bloggers sa Naga.

  49. hehehe thanks sa $100 ^__^

  50. Janette, congrats on the success of your event. :)


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