Aileen Apolo, SM Hypermarket and Taste Asia event

The Taste Asia event at the SM Mall of Asia, organized by influential blogger Aileen Apolo, last Tuesday was a smashing success. More than a hundred bloggers showed up at the event and sample as to what Taste Asia has to offer.

Bloggers galore!
I was there quite early and got a seat in the laptop area, posting twits about the event. I was able to catch up with Noemi, Dennis, Jonas, Jomar, PinoyCentric, Shari, Dine, Abel, Julie, Karlo, Juned, Sharm, PJ, Joel, Ederic, Riz, among others. (will link them as soon as they blog about the event too)

I saw AJ, BA, Rain, Tess, among others. (will link them as soon as they blog about the event too)

A bloggers event will not be complete without Marcelle showcasing his magic skills. Impressively, he was able to form a rubic cube, on all sides, while his eyes covered.

I won a Secosana bag. Almost no one left empty handed during the event.

Many thanks to SM Hypermarket and Taste Asia for being such great sponsors for this event and may other establishments be inspired and do the same. Of course, kudos to you Aileen Apolo! (para kang SM, you got it all!)

And now for the review part....

Taste Asia food
The food served during the event were great.

I was there earlier and planned to have dinner to be sure. I got to look into Taste Asia offerings and realized that it is similar to Dampa where you had to pick fresh seafood or meat, then let them cook it for you. There's a mini fast food area too where packaged meals can be ordered.

From what it has to offer, I was expecting a bit more and hoped to see a wide-array of Asian food preparations to indeed give me a taste of Asia like some Thai, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, and Malaysian famous recipes. Maybe it was there and just missed it or expecting too much.

SM Hypermarket
I'm a regular grocery shopper at SM Hypermarket and received my first green bag last week. SM Advantage card members can get a free green bag whenever they get to purchase a "buy me" item along with a Unilever product (worth at least 500 pesos purchase in total if I remember correctly). Afterwards, SM Advantage members can earn 2 points whenever they use their green bag, maximum of 3 green bags, in making grocery purchases. For those of us who uses up to 15 grocery bags a week, those green bags will be useful in the weeks to come and look forward in getting as many green bags as possible.

I believe that this is a great move on the part of SM and all groceries should do the same. It should have been done way earlier. But as they say, better be late than never.

On its grocery line, prices between SM Hypermarket and SM SuperValue tend to vary. Some items cost more than the other.

What I only hope is that they improve on their soap inventory. I love Oil of Olay soaps and they hardly have this on stock on their North Edsa (The Block) branch. The ones they have on the shelves, the green one, is not the most popular choice either. Lately, I discovered that two other stores has the complete variants of it.


Anonymous said…
Aw, too bad I wasn't able to say hello to you :-(

Congrats on winning the bag though! :-)

I wish there are more blogger events like this. Hehe.
Thanks for coming and the usual support Janette :)
Parang SM ako? Hehehe. Kung pwede lang bumili ng jowa sa SM, okay na okay na sana! Hihihihi...
Anonymous said…
i, too, was expecting the Thai, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc., food--but i must have been too busy to talk with other bloggers, that food was secondary. that is why, i a coming back for a leisurely visit of the place.

btw, Bangladesh is very much into these "green bags". as far as 2-3 years ago, the government has banned the use of plastic bags--jute and paper bags have become the trend. i guess doing away with plastic bags is a matter of WILL, on the part of the stores, shoppers and the government.
Unknown said…
had fun there! hope there is a repeat!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ma'am Janette! I didn't get to catch you there at the event. :) Too many food!

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