Why do some people deliberately violate copyright?

Last March, while attending a conference in New Zealand, a situation occurred where I had to fight for my copyright and shut down a violator. The victim was the Philippine Internet Review blog. That got solved in less than a week. Google Alerts was key in discovering it.

Yesterday, I was surprised when doing a Google BlogSearch and discovered having the same problem and the Philippine Internet Review blog victim again. Curious, how come no info was sent through my Google Alerts subscription this time. Worst, it is the same person using a different domain name and web host.

Sadly, there's a growing number of anonymous blogs who publishes content copied from other sites without permission. Perhaps it is time for someone to create a blog who will expose these types.

Update (6/9/2007): About a minute ago, the website I'm referring to is now suspended. Should this happen again, I will take a different approach as serial copyright violators can easily move from one domain and web host to another.


Anonymous said…
I have encountered a number of sites such as these.

There even some blogs that copy and scrape content from other blogs. Some bloggers call this scraper sites.

It's a good thing that you make use google alerts. Some people don't know how useful it can be especially in detecting scraper sites/blogs.
Janette Toral said…
Thanks for sharing. Google Alert is not as effective this time. Google BlogSearch is the one saving the day for me.

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