Maintain a good "blogging habit"

In my post about getting connected with bloggers, encouraging questions to be asked, VegasFilAmGuy shared the following insight:
"I started blogging since August 2006 as well. I remember when I first started blogging, I was so excited. I had passion. I enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts. I wrote mostly about the Filipino Condition. I was fascinated about the way Filipinos conducted themselves. It is fascinating beyond belief. Sometimes I hate them; sometimes I love them. I guess you can say it's a love/hate relationship.

Then I lost interest. Perhaps it was because of work. Perhaps it was because I got tired of writing about the negative things about Filipinos. (I did write some positive things too).

So, how does one, like yourself, maintain a good "blogging habit", if there is such a thing?

I've tried to make my blog stick to the same topic, using the words as persuasion. Any suggestions as to how I can make my blog more meaningful?

I'd really appreciate your input."
My insight are limited to my personal experience. I'm sure there are better suggestions that others can share.

I don't really have a blogging habit. It also depends on the mood. To make my blog meaningful, I review my purpose or reasons in blogging and evolve. For this blog, it was initially meant to contain post that I can't put in my site in 2001. Then it had an Infotech focus in 2002 and 2003. Took a break in 2004. Revived upon getting involved in the first iBlog: Philippine Blogging Summit. Afterwards, this blog became all about my Reflective Thinking, that remains its theme today, focusing on personal learnings sharing.

In the process of reviewing, there are mix thoughts of what I really want to achieve. Is it about becoming popular or meaningful? for yourself or for others? If it is for our readers, this is where getting feedback can help as one of the many ways to achieve it. As to how far will it go, we'll see.

Some humble suggestion on how to make your blog, Method to my Madness, more meaningful includes:
  • Perhaps allow your readers to get to know you more. Like the face behind the name to establish some sense of human connection, rather than perceiving you right away as being anonymous.
  • Have shortcut links to blog posts that you tag as Honolulu, Las Vegas, Makati, and Vintar. Share the good, the bad, the unforgettable experiences that you had about each.
  • I don't mind about the ranting but I admit that in real life, I tend to stay away from FilAm's who tend to complain a lot, asserting or appearing that they know more or superior than most of us who live here in the Philippines. However, your blog gave me a window to understand more and be emphatic. Perhaps injecting a little humor at the end, as how we often express our disappointments, can get the message across in an easy to digest manner.
  • Get feedback on what your readers want you to blog about. I noticed that your tag board had some suggestions already that you can consider.
I hope this helps and thank you very much for sharing your blogging experience.


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