Connecting with Bloggers: Ask a question, interview me, and tell me something about you!

I'll be updating this post to record the replies to questions asked or insights shared here.

I look forward to continue this interaction. Here are some ideas to get this done.

1. Ask a question. If I know, I'll answer it here or post my response in other blogs. (with a link to your blog of course)

2. Interview me. This is similar to what Diogenes did for getting me to participate in the Fine Art of Blogging writing series. Once posted, will link to it. Make the interview questions brief though.

3. Tell me something about you. Perhaps share something about yourself like are you single or married? In a leadership position or aspiring? Still a teenager or in your 20s, 30s? You've been visiting this blog for quite sometime. How did you discover it? What post did you like the most? Suggestions on topics and don't forget to leave a link to your blog. If I like it, I'll visit your blog and even make a post about it either here or where it would be applicable in my other blogs.

Questions answered and notes:
Here's to getting more connected!


01. What is the motivation for The Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 Writing Project?

02. How you manage to get sponsors. The punchline you use please that made them say "yes"..?

03. How do you select submitters? Err on what basis?

04. How do you feel with the present participations?

05. How else I can assist you?

Zubli Zainordin
Book Project
AIEPRO said…
I started blogging since August 2006 as well. I remember when I first started blogging, I was so excited. I had passion. I enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts. I wrote mostly about the Filipino Condition. I was fascinated about the way Filipinos conducted themselves. It is fascinating beyond belief. Sometimes I hate them; sometimes I love them. I guess you can say it's a love/hate relationship.

Then I lost interest. Perhaps it was because of work. Perhaps it was because I got tired of writing about the negative things about Filipinos. (I did write some positive things too).

So, how does one, like yourself, maintain a good "blogging habit", if there is such a thing?

I've tried to make my blog stick to the same topic, using the words as persuasion. Any suggestions as to how I can make my blog more meaningful?

I'd really appreciate your input.
Anonymous said…
Hi Janette,

We first met at the 1st Philippine Webby Awards. :-)

My question for you is: How many bloggers have you met?

Anonymous said…
Hi Mam Janette,

I start blogging since last year
of May. My first blog is "Secrets! Now Revealed."
But I stop after a month or two then.
However when I became a member of AGLOCO last December 2006 I again made a blog for recruitment purposes. Thus "AGLOCO All About Agloco" was created and subsequently "AGLOCO-PHILIPPINES" followed last February. Both AGLOCO Blogs are now a PR 3.
As of this writing, I have 19 blogs which i am trying to maintain - to at least make "sense" with adsense earnings.

This is my question:
Do you have plans for us, filipino bloggers, specially those who want to make money online, to convince our local business firms to advertise or put their ads in our respective blogs?

Just like you got here in your blog where you post local ads as your sponsor?

Sorry for the question mam.
Just asking lang po.


Myx said…
Hi Tita Janette,

Our school is planning to hold the first ever blog seminar here in our city. Can you give us some tips and advice on how to organize such event step-by-step and what are the best topics to cover in a two days seminar? Hoping for your immediate post regarding this matter. Thank you in advance!

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