Connecting with Bloggers: Ask a question, interview me, and tell me something about you!

I'll be updating this post to record the replies to questions asked or insights shared here.

I look forward to continue this interaction. Here are some ideas to get this done.

1. Ask a question. If I know, I'll answer it here or post my response in other blogs. (with a link to your blog of course)

2. Interview me. This is similar to what Diogenes did for getting me to participate in the Fine Art of Blogging writing series. Once posted, will link to it. Make the interview questions brief though.

3. Tell me something about you. Perhaps share something about yourself like are you single or married? In a leadership position or aspiring? Still a teenager or in your 20s, 30s? You've been visiting this blog for quite sometime. How did you discover it? What post did you like the most? Suggestions on topics and don't forget to leave a link to your blog. If I like it, I'll visit your blog and even make a post about it either here or where it would be applicable in my other blogs.

Questions answered and notes:
Here's to getting more connected!

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