Building closer connection through book giving

A few years ago, I bought a copy of Tim Sanders' book "Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends". Eversince, I became a lovecat. This is where you try to be a great source of information and share them as the opportunity or need arises to a pool of contacts that are important to you.

In implementing it, I gave copies of books that I like to friends that are dear to me and club members who have shared themselves in activities I'm in. As a result, this book sharing leads to interesting e-mails, discussion, and unique connection.

Last year, I got invited by an old friend to give a talk on blog marketing at Asian Theological Seminary. When the invitation e-mail was sent, he mentioned the book I gave to him a few years ago, Meaningful Marketing, is still useful in his teachings today. I realized that book made me memorable despite not being able to keep in touch for more than a year.

Giving a book is one of the many ways that we can use to establish a unique connection to another person. There is a personal touch that comes with it especially if you take time to explain on why you think that book will be useful for them.

On the above example, I guess what makes the whole effort special is that nothing gets asked in return. You give because you want to.

That same philosophy was applied to the annual Philippine Blogging Summit or iBlog (that started in 2005) where interested attendees are not required to link or do anything in their blogs but simply register for food count purposes. The same was also done to the Web Awards where a search was made for quality websites and simply recognize them.

Can this be applied to blogs? I'm not sure.


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Hello Janette,

    Thank you for the Buzz Marketing book. I read it, and I continue to see it everytime I pass by the bookshelf near my computer.

    I see it, and I remember your kindness and generosity. Everyday.

    Can people build a sense of connection when it comes to blogs?

    Yes, it is possible.

    Perhaps we just need to discover some kind of online "bookshelf" that helps strengthen connections in the distracting blogging world.

    Kind regards,

    P.S. I've posted our photo online. Just click on my name. :-)

  2. Hi Manuel. Thank you for the kind words and for the photos too.

    Your suggestion of an online bookshelf really got me thinking. Hmm...


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