PLAN AHEAD your blog or website

Whenever I hear one of my friends doing well with their blogs, it brings me great joy. Then thinking about it further makes me realize that those who do very well usually have taken a series of steps to attract success.

In the book "21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by John Maxwell, he talked about the "law of navigation" - leaders charting the course. He encourages readers to PLAN AHEAD to ensure success. Translating this to a blog can refer to:

Predetermine a Course of Action
Using blogs as a tool to grow oneself. In Blogie's case, it is about promoting Davao, its IT sector, and his various advocacies.

Lay out your Goals
Whether that goal is about attaining a certain PageRank, attaining income or stature through it. Make that clear.

Adjust your Priorities
It will be very hard to dream of generating income through your blog if you don't assign a high priority in taking care of it.

Notify Key People
Communicate to those who need to know. This can include people with most influence in the field you are getting in and can help you spread the word on what you are doing. Or simply reach out by interacting with other blogs.

Allow Time for Acceptance
Success doesn't usually happen overnight.

Head into Action
Start doing with what you need to do. If this is a blog, then it can be a series of attention grabbing topics.

Expect Problems
They say it is part of the ripening process that we will encounter stumbling blocks once in awhile. Perhaps not being able to please everyone or getting into a fight or your control panel/server just gave up on you.

Always Point to the Successes
We shouldn't be shy in giving success updates regularly as your community plays an important or contributor to it. Share that happy moment as you thank their support.

Daily Review Your Planning
For the ultimate so-serious blogger, this can be checking of whether you are hitting your goals. Like checking your blog post traffic stats, technorati or ratified rank, mailing list membership, among others.

How about you? Did you PLAN AHEAD your blog or website? Share your story!


Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks for the mention, Janette! :)
Yes, I did plan my AngDabawenyo blog ahead. That's why I'm so pleased that it's already showing signs of fast-paced progress, in only 3 months!

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