Monitoring live blog traffic with Performancing Metrics Spy Feature

When I launched The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 writing project, one need I realized was to actively monitor the blog traffic as real time as possible. This reached the point where one of my PC was allotted for this purpose.

Fortunately, there's Performancing Metrics where its Spy feature allows a blog owner to see visitors including their IP address and other pertinent information.

Being able to live track last May gave me the opportunity to:

  • See in real time when someone is posting a comment and how the entries are getting traffic as well.

  • Be able to spot by IP address unusual activities such as a visitor doing multiple clicks from one site with the intention of creating a trackback (to their home page and a deleted blog entry) to our contest page. It is amazing how far would some go with this.
Even when not using the Spy feature, the Performancing Metrics service gives you a visitor and action report that records the time you received a visitor, IP address, and activities they performed in the site. Some experience I had with it includes:

  • Be able to spot an anonymous comment where the person claims to be in another country yet their IP address shows that they are surfing the Internet connected through one of the big telcos here.

  • Received comments coming from different persons having the same IP address.
Thank you Performancing Metrics for keeping me well-informed! Here are 10 more reasons why I love Performancing Metrics.


rhon said…
I have read few pages of the book: blogging from home.. :) you could really learn some tips... its this thing for free?
Janette Toral said…
I think you can use Performancing Metrics for one site free. Although the spy feature is for premium users.

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