Look back through past writings

I wish I could organize my past writings and articles in one location.

Its first manifestation came in the form of a ring binder that contains print outs and cut-outs of past articles. I use that, along with my published books, whenever I apply for a travel visa. I lost track and haven't been able to do that for the past five years.

To gradually strike out this item in my "I wish I could" list, a new blog was just created for this purpose.

In my limited experience, writing in the early days of the Internet was different. There was a strong need to be rigid and compelling. There were no hyperlinks then but references that are not easily accessible for the readers. I knew a good piece when the thought of it still lingers a few days after writing it, especially the excerpts that meant so much. I still get that feeling once in awhile.

I also lost a big chunk of my "ranting" side as having the capability to come up with solutions compelled me to contribute in solving the problem or shut up. Although some of it serve as an inspiration.

Becoming creative and free once again in expressing one's thoughts mean getting rid of the "monsters" that silence us.

Being able to look back and reflect, I hope, will help in this journey. Be able to revive that passion for writing as intense as this song is.


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