Growing together

Earlier today, I discovered that three of my niche blogs have achieved a Google PageRank 4. They are:

These are great addition to my two sites that got PageRank 4 as well last January.

The last two were experiments on creating niche and wider audience blog. Seeing this achieve such a PageRank is a great break. It meant the site is ready to graduate from using Google AdSense and participate in our advertising sponsorship program.

I also found that some club members who joined our ad network have experienced progress with their respective PageRank. One achieved a PR 4 and 5 (when they started as PR 0). A few more were able to align their Technorati ranking to their Google PageRank. At least some of the stuff we do in mentoring worked! Of course, this good news means an increase in ad rates of their respective blog or website which makes all club members in the ad network quite happy.

Those who had a decrease in Google PageRank will be given up to the next update to recover, without any fee decrease.

Congratulations and let's continue growing together!

I have a strong vision on what I want do and achieve. As turns 8 years old this year and with a growing number of advocacies, that gives me no time to spare for free lunch, it makes me wonder if we can reach 25 years, still strong and competitive as ever.

I just like to share this inspiring video interview of U2, obviously my favorite.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed that video. How do you manage to keep so many blogs going?


Janette Toral said…
Hi Ed. I try to manage it one at a time. Looking at the dashboard and whoever is in the bottom, put content in it and the cycle continues. Hope to do better though.

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