Blog revenue models, managing online finance, finding good writers

In doing some blog hopping today, I found myself reacting to the following topics:

  • Wesabe is an online service where you can manage or track your finances. However, I don't think I'm comfortable in putting my personal financial information online. I'd rather do it still in my personal organizer.
  • There is also the discussion on 7 levels of revenue for your blog. I get very concerned when some tend to bash potential earnings for Google AdSense. I still find myself thankful to it as it revolutionizes the online advertising sector. It would not have paved the way for more democratized online earning opportunities today. In my limited experience, most ad buys are seasonal. It is best to plan for the long term and establish your own network where you can sell/place ads. I still use Google AdSense for some of my sites and blogs while I’ve signed up the ones with high Google PageRank to my own small network. Combining AdSense with other programs still works well for me.
  • I also found this finding good writer tips to be useful in building my content development program for club members. I should try it out soon.

Also, I'm now using my Ituloy AngSulong blog to record my travel adventures. I've roamed so many places in my nearly 11 years of e-commerce advocacy. I wish I was more diligent in taking pictures and record the places I've visited. My first topic is about my visit to the Alegre Guitar Shop in Cebu.


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