Why do I love Blogger

During the iBlog3 summit, Pierre asked the difference between Blogger and Wordpress. I use both platforms although my access to Wordpress is more for maintaining other entities' blog, rather than mine. (Aileen also has a great write-up on this topic.)

With Blogger's current version, which has improved in so many ways, it will be hard for any newbie to consider any other platform otherwise. Reasons, in my limited experience, includes:
  • Easy to set up, no need for special API codes to make some features/plug-in work.
  • Easy to insert YouTube code. I had a hard time doing this in other platforms. Although I was able to do it after a few hours of research plus trial and error.
  • Spam management. I find spam entering Blogger to be very rare.
  • Easy to add html codes using the HTML/scripts widget. Only in special instances do you really to have to edit/customize Blogger's template source code.
  • Easy to add advertisement. Blogger is not strict with that while other platforms would hardly allow you unless you host it on your own or pay a premium.
  • Easy to upload photos. Up to this day, I always get an error message whenever I try to upload a photo in other platforms and had not allotted time to tinker with it, to make it work. I ended up usually just to have it FTP, or put in a third party site, then linked to it.
  • I want to be spared as well from upgrade issues that I hear from other platform users once in a while.
I think it will also be great for Blogger.com users to get together sometime and exchange customization tips on how to make our blogs better and rocking. I would surely like to get info, based on experience, on where to download/buy nice Blogger templates.


the meet idea sounds great... erm, sponsored by google philippines? heh heh
Janette Toral said…
Hi Pierre. Kahit hindi naman siguro. The first meet can be just an ordinary meet in one of the coffee shops.
oo naman...

one thing i've been doing lately is trolling cyberspace on Blogger bloggers, tips and tricks and "hacks"... there are more than i expected.

(one of them i've already applied on my blog, many i'm studying still. it's fun! now, if aileen can teach me how to use one's own domain name with blogger...)

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