Pride, In the Name of Love

Last weekend, I started e-mailing the Web Awards winners notifying that they have won. The most common expression that I got was "Wow!" and I guess it felt really great when some form recognition is given, in the most genuine manner. All I could say is that the award turnout, from the prizes to recognition, was most blessed.

Feeling proud is an understatement in describing what the winners have poured in terms of effort, vision, and plan for their respective websites to achieve. There is so much love, passion, and dedication to their craft.

Since iBlog3, this song has been lingering in my head. I dedicate this to everyone committed in their craft and purpose.

From hereon, focus is on my upcoming blogging book (outside of project commitments) targeting release next month.


noemi said…
thanks so much for spearheading the web awards!
Janette Toral said…
Thank you Noemi for the kind words and congratulations to you!

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