Please send a comment - An Unfair Article Title Referring to the Philippines

While updating my Philippine Outsourcing Review blog, I spotted this article that I find to be quite unfair. The article title is "Aussie patient records outsourced to Philippines". Yet when you read through it, there are at least three countries mentioned and the vendor they interviewed handling the account of 150 Australian doctors is an Indian company. Therefore, its article title that zooms into the Philippines is not accurate, or at least - fair.

I posted a comment already in that article and request for its title to be corrected and I urge you to please do the same.

Admittedly, as Manuel L. Quezon III and Dean Jorge Bocobo mentioned in iBlog3, we do have a lot of problems in our country that we are all struggling with. But when our country's name is put in a bad light, no matter how small deal this article is, it is a different matter altogether.

As for privacy regulation, the main issue of the said article, what we have is DTI DAO #8: Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data in an Information and Communication System highlighting the application of Republic Act 8792 or the Philippines E-Commerce Law on this issue and how can file complaints against those who violate our privacy.


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