iBlog3 Photo and Volunteer Memories

Sincerest thanks to one of our iBlog3 volunteers, Antonette Uy, for the pictures she has taken during the event. As JJ mentioned at the closing part, it was this year that we called for volunteers to help out and we're very glad that many came forward.

Some of the volunteers are Thyssen, Tiffany, Brian, Olivier (photos), Jervis, Janin, and Gwen.
Thanks also to Chris Haravata for the photos taken on day 1 and 2 of the event!
Did I miss anyone? Please advise. Thank you for all your help!

Big hug to Pia Rieza and Ate Cely for taking care of the food logistics, sponsor coordination, tokens, poster and streamer collaterals, among others at the event (especially when I was away).

Although I know that we planned most of it, we had challenges at the last minute and thank everyone for their patience. We'll do better.


Anonymous said…
are there any day 2 pics (group pic)?
Anonymous said…
hey Janette!

more pictures here:

click t h i s
Janette Toral said…
Thanks Chris for this one!
Janette Toral said…
@Ronin - I just added a link to Chris Haravata's photo blog that had day 2 photos.

@Chris - Thank you so much!!!

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