Enjoying chaos

I admit that I'm the kind of person who thrives on personal chaos. I dislike the idea when everything around me gets too comfortable and end up creating personal challenges to grow. Although I must admit that the repurcussion can be quite tough and there are several lessons learned in that regard. Learnings gain makes it all worthwhile.
During the travel break, I will reflect on what to do after closing all the pending items I indicated above.


  1. hello.

    i saw you up close this morning. i am one of the students who attended the awarding of the winners in the cyberfair contest. i'm from st. joseph's academy. actually, i am not sure if you will be able to read this comment but i hope you would.

    i really find the "iblog3: The Philippine Blogging Summit" very interesting but the venue is quite far from my place. therefore, i am not sure if i can attend there but i will do try to be present in the said event.(if i will be able to attend in this event,i will really approach you and say hi ms.janette! haha)

    good luck and i wish you all the best for you to be able to finish the chaos you are thriving at successfully. :)

  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Whoa. That's one busy schedule! :)


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