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Preparations for iBlog3: The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit, organized by the University of the Philippines - Internet Society Program (UP-ISP) this April 13 and 14, 2007 is now picking up.

As part of this year's event, UP-ISP is coming out with a special issue of its digit@l magazine on bloggers. A section will be dedicated showing various Philippine blogs online.

To be included, describe your blog in five or so words and be featured! You may post your description as a comment here or send to Pia Rieza at piarieza[at] on or before February 28, 2007. See you on digit@l!


Aaron Roselo said…
Teenage Angst Regression
A take on College Life and Philippine Graphic Design.


Musings on College Life & Design.

Tess Termulo said…
Prudence and Madness
A doctor's little niche in the WWW where she can post rants about the philosophical and the mundane, some tidbits from her so-called medical life. It's her perpetual battle against superficiality.
Anonymous said…
in retrospect...
**tech, personal, love, travels, and life blogging of a deranged man**
yehey malapit na iBlog 3! janette, could i already blurb it up on my blog?
Janette Toral said…
Yes Pierre. By all means. Any help in getting the word out will be very much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Web 2.0 and related topics from a librarian's point of view
Anonymous said…
How To Get More Site Visitors
C5 said…
Ciphers, Crypts and Codes You Can Decipher, Decrypt and Decode
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Updates and Issues in the Philippine Real Estate concentrated in Laguna and Cavite
All About Loan Consolidations: Learn With Me

Salamat ng marami! :)
-C5 +639278467723

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