Reading the Catholic Digest

I just received a copy of the Catholic Digest yesterday. It is an interesting read as a lot of the topics intend to remind people on the importance of values and understand one's spiritual connection with God.

The January 2007 issue tackled concerns such as:
  • Four things to know about troubled marriages
  • How do you help a friend who has a troubled marriage
  • 12 questions Catholics ask about annulment
  • Apologize your way to better health (saying sorry and making apologies)

As we get ourselves exposed to traditional magazines and blogs that talks about money, power, sex, technology, new age, among others, reading publications like the Catholic Digest allows people like you and me to sit back and reflect on concerns and values that perhaps matter the most.

Catholic Digest, published in the United States since 1936, is the only Catholic publication devoted exclusively to connecting faith and everyday life. It is for Catholics who want to understand, celebrate and live their faith more fully in their families, parishes, neighborhoods and communities. With its readership base of over 2.5 million, it was recently acquired by Bayard Publishing Group, an international publisher with more than 100 periodicals in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Its single shareholder is the French congregation of the Augustines of the Assumption.

Recently, Bayard signed in with AZ Direct Marketing Inc., one of the Philippines’ largest distributor of magazines, that gives exclusive rights to market the magazine nationwide. AZ Direct Marketing holds similar exclusive rights for Reader’s Digest and other foreign publications.

Special thanks to my club member, Gilbert Enriquez, for the copy!


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