Coco-Loka featuring Ederic

I stumbled upon the i-Witness TV program featuring a story, Coco-Loka, on Marinduque and the fight of younger generations to claim benefits under the Coco Levy Fund that were paid for by elders, many of whom have passed away already. It featured blogger Ederic (Ederic Penaflor Eder) who hailed from that area and showed his journey in search for the truth, of whether the Coco Levy fund will be really felt by his community in Marinduque.

What is interesting about the program is that it showed a document trail from authorization of releases and how the funds will be used. Ederic and Howie asked questions and even gave references to abuses that happened with the Fertilizer Fund Scam to their interviewees. There was a certain level of discomfort whenever those questions were answered.

Kudos to Howie and Ederic for such a great story. Should you folks continue to remain vigilant and with the power of media within your grasp, perhaps, the Fertilizer Fund Scam will never happen again.


Ederic said…
Thanks for watching po. May utang pa pala ako sa yo. :p

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