I've been doing a lot of advocacy in my life for as long as I can remember. More often than not, it requires a lot of hard work but what makes it exciting is the end benefit where you can make a lot of people happy.

Challenges normally that comes in are sometimes lack of community support, fund shortage, prioritization, to time management. Nevertheless, these events normally turn out well and great. The cycle continues.

Three Sundays ago, I attended a mass where the priest discussed the value of making sacrifices. It calls on giving up some of our luxuries and put it into better use that will benefit other people. By then, I realized that these efforts of advocacy truly had a bigger meaning.

I often get asked the motivation behind organizing contests such as the Philippine Schools Cyberfair and now the Web Awards, whether I also earn from it. So far I don't and that is not the point. Whenever I organize, I know that I'm willing to put my resources in it just to make it happen. Whether with sponsors or not, the contest is on and there'll be prizes.

This attitude also goes the same in business. I keep on doing what I feel is right and serving the needs of my community. Competition is always welcome as the market is big enough for more players.

But of course, you can't control your competition and most of them, including me, are fierce. If it's business, I will go head-on but if it is for advocacy, I'll turn blind-eyed and adjust for the sake of the community whom I want to benefit.


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