Starting an online business

I recently re-launched the Women in Web, Wireless, and Outsourcing blog and invited friends and female club members to contribute. This is one blog project where I hope to get enough folks to blog in it, generate traffic, and earn at the same time.

Joan Piñon, site owner of My Little Baker, made her first post on "Owning a piece of the Web". It is about her story of taking the plunge in setting up her online business.

I encourage you to check it out and give her moral support as we need more entrepreneurs in this country. Her experience can also be most encouraging to educators, as Joan is also a teacher.

As for my story, here are some posts that you can check out:

How about you? How did you get started with your online business and started earning online? If you have an "about" story in your website that details it or blog post that gives a bit of a history, I hope you can share the link and get others inspired too.


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