Roll-out: Advertising Revenue Program for Club Members

Our advertising revenue program for club members just began its roll-out yesterday. There are now three club members in the roster, who are also bloggers, joined and began receiving assignments. Advertisers are now coming in as well that pressured me to start it earlier than February 1.

At this early state and in discussion with advertisers and bloggers (who are all club members), I already learned the following:
  • Getting advertisers to start with US$100 as a budget is not so bad after all. Risk is small, it won't hurt much if it fails.
  • Trust and belief in the community is important. Our club members/bloggers who joined the program have much to work on but giving them that chance matters a lot.
  • Mentoring is a must. One can't just give the assignment and let them be. Advise must be given regularly on how they can further improve their blog, increase readership base, and get more advertisement revenues in.
  • I think each blogger is accountable for their own blog and have every right to decide on what to do with it and how to go about things. Not be bothered by a-b-c-d lists of sort.
  • Be competitive. Actually, not to compete with others but with oneself. Always outperform your past accomplishment, whenever possible. Be happy with every improvement, no matter how small, and still pursue in getting better.

I'll be organizing club members meeting in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Legaspi, and Bohol to spread the word on this one this February. Will post the details soon in our club members blog.


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