Coping with blogging addiction

In my Sun.Star column today, I decided to share my blogging addiction as I joined an SEO competition. My Ituloy AngSulong entry is really eating a lot of my time lately and decided to face it by improvising a tool that will allow me to monitor my responsibilities. This way, I could prioritize first what I have to do then get on things that I want to do later on.

For me, it is an experiment and try to learn, gain experience as much as I can. Although there were shining moments in it too.

So far, I'm able to manage the blogging impulse by directing my attention by building my job listings blog, creating a whole new blog reading list, revenue generation program for club members, prepare for iBlog3: The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit, and recording on my spreadsheet every task done.

Wish me luck!


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