The Blog Parteeh After Glow

My sincerest congratulations to the organizers of the Blog Parteeh (), especially to Abraham, for a successful event. Cheers to AJ for bagging the major prize. You are so lucky dude!

Special thanks to all the sponsors who provided the resources to make the event happen. Sorry guys if we were not able to listen to you well during your presentations as most of us hardly catched up with each other lately and there are a lot of matters to discuss.

I'm so glad to meet the very thoughtful Pierre. As far as my original agenda is concern, I find myself able to achieve the following and more:

  1. Several bloggers committed to help me promote my Cyberfair campaign and Web Awards and gave them copies of the Philippine Internet Review: 10 Years of Internet History (1994-2004). (abangan ko yung plug ha!)

  2. I was able to catch up with Club Member Mike Abundo about his membership and our advertising revenue program for club members. I also hope that Elymar will sign up as a club member na.
  3. I was able to talk to several bloggers (too many to mention) about speaking or panel moderating at iBlog3: The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit. Anyone interested can check this out for possible topics and e-mail me at jtoral at on or before January 31 as I badly need to finalize this already.
  4. I was able to catch up with Migs and agreed to pursue our collaborative work with the Philippine Internet Review online. He'll be co-blogging there soon. (yehey!!!)
  5. Catched up with Aileen and posted my announcement of finding a suitable Valentine's Day date for her. Boys, apply na!
  6. Marc, who is also a club member, couldn't make it to Manila so will keep on reading his daddy adventures online.
  7. I was able to meet several Ituloy AngSulong participants but never got the chance to sit down and share experiences.

Many thanks GMA New Media for the ride home and look forward in collaborating with you.

Can't get enough? Here's more coverage from all those who attended the Blog Parteeh!

On a mega-request note, hope you can help me disseminate the word on this upcoming Blogging 101 Workshop book. Cheers!

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