Nourishing persons in our lives

I just finished reading Karl Albrecht's "Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success" a few days ago. It is one of the best books I've read this year and made me cautious on how I communicate with people.

One of the tasks that Karl Albrecht asked readers to ponder on the most nourishing persons we have in our lives. This includes:
  • Most positive (starts with the best side of things)
  • Most generous (helpful with no questions asked)
  • Most reliable (who will be there for you when you need it)
  • Most energetic (vibrant supporter)
  • Most enthusiastic (zest for life)
  • Most thoughtful (always remembering)
  • Kindest (treats people with love and respect)
  • Smartest (gives advice, support, guidance)
  • Shows the most interest (shows you are important)
  • Most fun (hang out without fear of being criticised or judged)
  • Funniest (no holds-barred laughter)

This can be just one person or we have several persons in our lives that completes it. Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. is definitely one of them.


Thes said…
hi, that's an interesting book. i will look for it in amazon or fully booked. have you read never eat alone and who's got your back? great books on creating deep meaning relationships.



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