My Author's Avenue Leatherbound Journal

Yesterday, I catched up with Reggie Bundang of to get my order, an Author's Avenue leatherbound journal. I know that it is a high-end journal. However, I felt that it is time that I should own a piece a like this and possibly give something like this as a gift to a friend too.

The Author's Avenue leatherbound journal comes in 3 sizes and with 12 colors to choose from. Price ranges from US$9.57 to US$35.00.

I love notebooks but this is the first time that I got myself a journal that doesn't have your usual lines. However, once I started writing, words came out smoothly without being constrained on style and spacing.

In John Maxwell's book, Thinking for a Change, he encourages us to write down our ideas. This will allow us to look back and ponder. I must admit that since I started doing that in my blog, it allowed me to track all the things that I wanted to do and which I usually share with my club members in the Innovation and Ideas Forum. A lot of them have come true so far. :)

I had an old idea that was re-kindled yesterday after having a quick chat with a friend on how I'm doing with my book publishing business. I used to have a plan of publishing a computer book series for grade 1 to 4th year high school. It was shelved due to low penetration of computers in the primary and secondary school.

However, yesterday, the idea was revived once again. This time with improve content and manageable expectations.

At this time, I had to control myself as the ideas started pouring in and have to remind myself of my current workload that has deliverables that needs to be met.

Another funny thing about this experience is that I only knew the existence of this product after Reggie Bundang of made a presentation in the Women in Web, Wireless, and Outsourcing last Thursday, November 23 organized by the Club and YOSSN. She shared her journey in online retailing that touches every woman in the audience who are mostly going through her challenges.


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