When was the last time you've done something for the first time?

Henry Schumacher answered this interesting question in his BusinessWorld column last October 4, 2006. It made me think and wonder if I had done anything new lately. It seems I haven't done much when I used to love doing many first.

2005 - First hobby to business site
2004 - First Internet documentary
2004 - First Filipina author published by McGraw-Hill
2003 - First paid online e-commerce community
2003 - Brought first certified CMMI training
2003 - First e-commerce and software process improvement online workshop
2002 - First Internet statistics publication
2002 - Taught CMM/SPI for the first time
2001 - Brought first certified CMM training
2001 - First cyberfair ambassador
2001 - First international speaking engagement
2000 - First e-commerce and self-published book
2000 - First Internet radio and video interviews with prominent IT personalities
2000 - First radio program
2000 - First Internet anniversary celebration roadshow
1999 - First e-commerce resource site
1999 - First IT consulting stint for a Senator
1999 - First international outsourcing project contract
1998 - Organize first organization and community
1997 - Moderated and owned first Internet mailing list community
1996 - First TV hosting stint in IT show
1995 - First IT consulting stint
1995 - Wrote first IT article

Note that I did not include travel and personal adventures here. Today, I guess I tend to do things where I have experience in doing them in the past.

Will see.....


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