Prayers for my niece

My niece, 3 months old, has just been diagnosed to be suffering from Tricuspid Atresia. Although resources on the Internet may show that survival chances can be high, local doctors state that chances a child living longer or more than 5 to 10 years old is slim. Mass dedication and prayers will be very much appreciated.

(Last February 2008, my niece passed away. Thanks to everyone who gave their prayers.)


Anonymous said…
Please take heart. The success rate is better than you think. My son is 2 years old and had 2 surgeries for tricuspid atresia. If the local doctors are giving you a poor outcome, get your niece to a doctor who knows what he's doing. There are some fabulous, amazing heart surgeons all over the world. Our surgeon in Miami, Florida, USA performs over 100 of these surgeries each year and the survival rate is 85 - 90%. Please check out my son's website.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry to hear this news. Please don't be offended by my comment but as Valerie & zach have said the outcome could be much better with the right help.

I have only visited the Philippines once In this July, my Wife is from Makati and is there for Christmas.

Maybee we can do something to help your niece through the web community to get better medical treatment? I am not sure how but I am willing to put some effort into it. I am still trying to find my voice as Steven Covey puts it.

By the way I am glad I stumbled upon your Blog it is refreshing to see someone who is more interested in putting something into the community than getting it out. I hope to do something similar, so far I am spending to much time procrastinating rather than doing but I am about to make a major Paradigm shift lol...
Janette Toral said…
Thank you very much for sharing your concerns. God has heard our prayers.

My niece developed some form of an anomaly from her lungs stretching to her heart that is now providing the oxygen she needs. This spared her from the planned operation at that time and give her more time to grow to prepare for it.

Referral to doctors that can be trusted as experts in these cases will be very much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
When I was 3months old my mother was told I had tricuspid atersia and to take me home and enjoy the time they had with me but with my heart defect I would not last long. I have only the upper right side of my heart. I had the both procedures done as well as the fontan I was ten at that time at twenty six I went into right heart failure and again under went a revised fontan and had a pacemakers put in at the same time. I am thirty two now. So it is possible, I know. My prayers are with you and may gods hands work through the doctors as the help your niece.

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