Too soon

Blogger Vonj made an interesting study on the Philippines blogging developments, classification, and leaders., my personal website, is often referred to as a hybrid website/blog. I guess back in 1999, there was no tool availble to do exactly what I wanted and therefore lead to the creation of my site, as to what it is today. Although there are new online tools that partly has the features that I'm currently using, but switching to another platform is not an easy task. I decided instead to update my site integrating tools like comments by and RSS feed.

It is quite weird to be assessed with blog sites based on the technology that I'm using (and its limitations). My site is often confused as well for being a commercial or company site. I guess that is the price one has to pay for coming out with stuff too soon.

Recently, created a quiz tool that podcasters can use to create one for site visitors. So for those of you who think you know me well enough, try answering this. You may need to dig the archives of my website and mailing list to answer it.


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