Six Value Medals

There are many things that we have to consider whenever we need to make important decisions in our lives, business, and country. You can opt to be impulsive, gut feel, or methodical. In my case, I'd rather be a combination of it. I'm glad that after reading books like Six Thinking Hats, Blink, and Thinking for a Change, I got my hands on The Six Value Medals of Edward de Bono.

The author encourages readers to consider six value medals whenever a decision needs to be reached. They are:
  1. Gold medal values - these are human values where a lot of concern has to be given to the individuals concerned, and people affected.
  2. Silver medal values - these are organizational values where concerns on how the organization is achieving its chosen and intended purpose, and how is it running.
  3. Steel medal values - these are quality values where one's focus is how quality is achieved and maintained.
  4. Glass medal values - these are values that arise from change that requires innovation, creativity, and simplicity. One's focus will be improvement and new ideas, how is it fostered.
  5. Wood medal values - these are values where you assess the impact of your actions on third parties (persons and/or environment) that are not directly involved. Being sensitive on these concerns opens your eyes to risk and decide how you want to handle them.
  6. Brass medal values - these are perceptual values where one has to decide how it wants to be perceived. Note that people most likely react to the real world of their perceptions, not to the true world. One has to consider different parties and different points of view or perception.
It is ideal to do a value scan for any situation or plans you want to implement. There will always be conflict in these values and it is better to be aware and make the decision from there.


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