The More You Know, The More You Don't Know

In my past readings of both John Maxwell and Stephen Covey, one phrase that I won't forget is "the more you know, the more you don't know." The year 2005 is a time of awakening for me. I came to realize that as the Internet empowers more individuals to share their knowledge and put their content online, there are a lot of things that one must learn.

Perhaps that is the reason why my website and blogs will have a sudden surge of content and followed by a period of silence. I've decided to listen and read more. Give listening, reading, and processing at least 80% of the time, and spend 20% writing, interacting, and sharing that knowledge. In this manner, my mind shall be able to process multiple sources of information thoroughly, think through in a variety of perspective, then speak out.

The deluge of information, I must say, numbed me from speaking and made me just want to read more. It also amazed me to a greater extent as to how the things that I've read and listened to have affected my actions and decisions lately.

2006 is a very uncertain year. Our country is going through a major political maturity process. Despite politically challenged times, businesses and the Filipino have become resilient, wanting due process to proceed, no longer heeding the calls of those who played a major role as to why we are all in this situation to begin with.

Hang in there my friends. Think big picture and be vigilant at all times.


desertperson said…
I just started reading this wonderful book. He says so much!
Dave Llorito said…
Have you heard about "blog depression"? Ive read that one from a blog. its supposedly an occasion when one simply has nothing to post in the blog and gets depressed as a result. have you experienced this thing?

Janette Toral said…
Hi Dave. Not really. As I mentioned in my post, I'd rather read and listen more nowadays than express myself.

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