Who Will Take Your Place? Mentoring Potential Leaders

A leader's true capability is put to the test if they are successful in surrounding and developing potential leaders around them, not followers. If you can't name anyone who is capable of taking your place, then you are nowhere of being referred to as a true leader, but a manager instead.

I founded and lead the Philippine Internet Commerce Society from 1997 till March 2002. What kept me in that post for so long is finding a potential leader who has the heart and passion to continue leading the organization. Someone who can take the organization to greater heights. When the right person came, all of us knew, she is the one! Until today, she's leading the group - Mary Anne Tolentino.

Two years ago, I faced the same predicament once again. This time, it is for DigitalFilipino.com. What will happen if I go and stop doing my advocacy today. The quest of finding the right people started. As I started the DigitalFilipino.com Club, I hoped of developing other leaders, help entrepreneurs with their business, professionals with their careers, students with their research. After a year or two more, I look forward in institutionalizing DigitalFilipino.com with a core set of people who believe in it, appreciated its value as they benefited from it, and has great vision and instinct about its potential.

Will I find the right people who can take my place? I know I will, someday.


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